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Software data recovery

Software data recovery

Accidentally deleted

When customers do not pay attention to the case or carelessness, or Trojan program deleted the information, Raymond can help you find it.

error formatting

customers after system crash, and then format the hard drive and reinstall the system, which can be recovered. There's user system, using a floppy disk or CD to boot into DOS, and then restart after FORMAT C:  format, into WINDOWS screen, finds all d things lost. This is the reason why? Because c uses the NTFS file system, use DOS after booting cannot read or write files on the NTFS partition, was the original d becomes c, so the format c missing d format.

PQ to adjust partition errors

computer using a time Hou, suddenly found himself of a a partition of disk space enough has, or need will FAT partition conversion into NTFS partition, and or will NTFS partition conversion into FAT partition, PQ (PQ Magic) in not damage data of situation Xia can for above operation, in conversion of Midway for a species reasons (as blackout, and bad fan,) failed to completed, heavy Kai zhihou does found some partition playing not open, and appeared question mark file name, and file lost, Huajun data recovery center, you can get back your data!

error clone

GHOST restore a partition, a partition backup to another partition by mistake, or to restore a backup of the partition to the entire disk, after this happens the arms data recovery center can also help you find data.


there are many data suddenly lost, partition loss, the file will not open, mostly caused by viruses, this situation most can recover.

Server data recovery  

servers tend to be centralized storage and management of data in storage capacity, storage, security and storage has a certain advantage in speed, it is because of this advantage, a unit often used the server to store vital data, once the server is also very heavy losses from lost data to the user.  

we recover the server data does not require the user to provide the server or disk array card, only CHEUNG got friends hard drive data recovery center, which greatly reduce demolition, removal of server trouble, and card will not reconfigure the array to write to the disk array information to avoid secondary damage to the data. If the server uses disk array technology, please read some disk array data recovery.

If other data recovery company need you provides server or array column card, please you think twice, because these data recovery company by do of thing and hardware provides business as, again configuration array column information or Rebuild, but most server again configuration array column information Hou will automatically initial of, caused data completely lost, only part server and configuration information and had completely consistent, data is may recovery out.  

If you have experience in other companies for data recovery but is not successful, this does not mean that your data is completely lost, if your data is particularly important, you will be sending your hard drive to our company, we will retrieve data for you in the shortest possible time, reducing your losses.

database recovery

in today's economic daily, usually need to put some data into "warehouses", and according to management's need for appropriate treatment. For example, an enterprise or public institution personnel often basic information of the staff (employee number, name, age, sex, place of origin, salaries, resumes, etc) stored in a table, the table can be seen as a database. With this "data warehouse" we can query any time an employee's basic situation, can also query the wages of workers in the context of a number, and so on. These can work if you are automatically on your computer, we can achieve a high level of personnel management. In addition, financial management, warehouse management, production management also needs to be established in a large number of the "database", so that it can use computer to do accounting, warehouse, production automation management.  

collection of related data is stored in the database, the data is structured, no harmful or unnecessary redundancy, and services for a variety of applications; data is stored separate from the programs that use it; to insert new data to the database, modify, and retrieve a previous data according to a common and controlled manner. When a system exists in the structure completely separate from a number of databases, the system contains a "database collection".  

  database management system;

database management systems (database management system) is a form of manipulation and database management software, is used to set up, use and maintain the database, referred to as DBMS. Unified management and control of the database, in order to ensure the security and integrity of the database. DBMS users access data in a database, the database administrator through the DBMS database maintenance. It provides a variety of functions, and enables multiple applications and users at the same time or at different times in different ways to create, modify, and interrogate the database. It allows users to easily define and manipulate data, maintaining data security and integrity, as well as a number of concurrency control and recovery under the user database. However, they are not like the file system, which define the structure and constraints of the relationship between the management of data. Also, the database manager provides the basics of data management functions:  

manage database log  

in order to guarantee the security of data, the database manager provides the database log. Multiple archives can guarantee the security of data, suffered unexpected losses after archiving the database, you can also use database archive log back out an accurate database information, but too much for archiving though it may reduce the potential risk of data loss, wasting more processes and system resources, is likely to increase the response time of the server processes, and solve the problem. Yet too few to archive can reduce the average footprint of resource, but extended the archive interval twice, which led to the loss of the data recovery results appear is not absolute accuracy and completeness.  

If the database has corrupted data, even if it immediately provides a strict backup of the database and log file, data may be lost. Rehabilitation is the best real-time data at each transaction commit before the synchronization of the database log transmission and archiving. In other words, must be identified in the log have been transferred to other storage space, data submitted to. However, this price is very expensive to perform, so less used in practice.  

passive database  

so for the above database data appears to be damaged and there is no case of granular backup, in the event of disaster, only to solve such problems by means of data recovery, and general data recovery methods are used by fixing the key database file, and then attempt to repair the file structure, in such a way to recover the database. Because when it comes to the hardware structure, in-depth analysis of the structure of the file system, database, and therefore require data recovery service providers have a strong comprehensive technical capabilities.  

you can use a wide variety of databases currently on the market, such as the following:  

1. IBM  DB2 

2. Oracle 

3. Informix

4. Sybase 

5. SQL Server 

6. PostgreSQL 

7. mySQL

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