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RAID disk array recovery

RAID disk array recovery

  Raid (0/1/5) RAID array technology is now widely adopted by large data storage solution. Once the RAID array has failed or friends Cheung on RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 and combined series of RAID disk array data recovery has a wealth of practical experience, Raid0 there is a hard disk-level hardware damage, we have enough technology to its recovery. Fails even if you have the array after initialization, we all have the ability to recover partially failed array data. Software developed by off-array cards and machine data copied to the specified hard disk arrays or arrays, reads the original disc data to a backup disk, do not cause secondary damage. Finished the backup, you no longer need the original disks, does not rely on hardware Raid card information.

     in the array information disorder or automatically lose finishing rebuilding the information, completed may the direct copy or directly after use. This kind of data recovery can be up to 99% per cent recovery rate, some up to 100%.

     before any operation on the failed disk arrays, please call 400-6132138 national toll-free telephone service, composed of leading experts to answer your questions.

     data recovery is not possible:

    1, and the disc is seriously scratched

    2, plates of severely deformed, broken

    3, by another data recovery company for the incorrect handling, data layer has disappeared

    4, after the fire burning, disc magnetic has faded


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