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Hard drive repair

Hard drive repair

&Nbsp;    the efficiency of international data recovery center, formerly known as Institute for efficiency of the source hard drive, hard drive repair experts. We have been successful for hundreds of companies, enterprises, government agencies successfully recover hard drive data. Although the vast majority of hard disks can fail without maintenance and remained faithfully for many years, but the hard disk parts, or other occasional issues are always difficult to completely avoid.

     the body is damaged, refers to non-circuit board burned data cannot be read; disk damages in the current account for a growing proportion of data recovery, can be roughly divided into three types:


     that is, for example, hard disks that gurgling sound occurs, the problem because the disk head Assembly parts of body damage. Such problems need in Baiji in the dust-free workshop for repair. (Dust-free environment is based on the level of dust particles in the current environment for Division,  Baiji is the highest rating and is the basic requirement of data recovery Cleanroom, qianji, and thousands did not meet requirements)

    disk not recognize or identify a parameter error:  

     such as the Maxtor 4D040h2 series hard drives in computers, the problem is identified as Maxtor Romulus, other brands such as computer not recognizing hard drive, as long as not abnormal noise can be broadly classified in this category, the problem is the hard drive storage in addition to the standard data area (industry jargon for saying firmware firmware) self with loss or confusion caused.

    hard disk don't recognize, but too many hard disk bad track:  

     is not accessible or cannot be valid copy of data; the problems largely due to servo information changes or other problems arising.

     for the above three issues, efficiency source in 2000 and has to find effective solutions, in 2004 has made the technology reached the international level. We can do any other data recovery service cannot make data, including foreign competitors can't make data; data discs as long as the hard drive has not been seriously scratched, we can recover the data. Has its own ability to develop professional efficiency of the source can be customized according to the special case of data recovery hardware and software, so that you achieve the highest success rate of data recovery. If you have important data is lost but cannot be restored, please get in touch with us, our Technical Department will bring you new hope!

     such data recovery according to the hard disk corruption can reach more than 90%, no serious damage of up to 95% per cent recovery rate.

     in order to drive more long-term use, should pay attention to the following points:

    1, if the small memory capacity, it is significantly increased the number of hard drive read, the life of a hard disk is a great loss.

    2, loaded in the hard disk, we need to reinforce the hard drive, if the fixed hard drive screws are not tightened, strong vibrations can easily lead to physical bad sectors.

    3, power supply not only affect the stability of the system, your hard disk is very important, if the power supply filtering is very poor, affects the hard work will lead to a hard drive failure for a long time.

    4, if you frequently defragmenting the hard disk operation, a major cause of aging will also lead to hard disk.

chip-level maintenance  

     circuit chip-level maintenance refers to hard disk repair, we are equipped with filters, ammeter monolithic instrument hard drive circuit problems such as, ,  and for a long time to accumulate a lot of accessories can be caused by various reasons for customers to solve hard drive external circuit  

factory-level maintenance  

we manufacturer and professional HDD repair software PC3000 on various hard disk repair at the manufacturer level. PC3000 through software of way achieved has on hard disk retained district parameter of access, tie professional of ATA instruction, then achieved has such as: served scan disk, added hard disk logic defects, manual edit hard disk defects table, read and write hard disk of SMART parameter table, access hard disk of firmware module, change hard disk memory buffer information, adjustment head of read and write parameter, change hard disk of identity ID, calls hard disk itself of repair program, solutions logic password lock and so on function.  

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