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Repair hard disk how to set

Recently, some repair hard drive into the market of dubious origin, many of my friends have suffered, in order to let everyone know how to interpret the repair hard disk, I will tell what I know about the difference method members.

because hard disk of technology content than high, world also on so several place can production, so in warranty period within of hard disk, are is returns to original manufacturers to repair, and manufacturers in maintenance hard disk zhihou, will in disc surface Shang made corresponding of identifies, this into has we difference of important logo has, but because is with English writing of, if not note may will ignored past. As figure in the of WD hard disk, in figure in the by shows of circle in, date Hou and has a "r" letters, this proved circle mark of is repair of date, and not production date; addition in Mark box in the, carefully see can see shallow blue of "REFURBISHED" (English renovation of mean) words, in right Shang angle also has a compared conspicuous of "Refurbished", everyone in hard disk Shang see such of mark, on must don't purchase has. In addition, if the hard drive prices much cheaper than elsewhere, is also likely to be repairing hard drives, or "cheap don't be greedy."

Finally, when you buy a hard drive, or go to a regular dealership to buy the best, and also spend money on mind

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