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Hangzhou global friend Raymond efficiency of data recovery center work together to source

&Nbsp;     2009 in April, "Cheung data recovery center" and efficiency source (promotional product   product) of science and technology signed a partnership agreement, officially became the first efficiency source of science and technology in Zhejiang Province, authorized by the "worldwide data recovery services partner", then get the naming rights and licensing. Efficiency technology is the world's largest data recovery software and data recovery equipment research and development, one with powerful data recovery tool research and development capabilities, "Xiang", relying on "efficiency source" technology and brand, officially joined the "efficiency source Global Alliance for data recovery service", out of the first step to develop a large market.

     Cheung data recovery service center in Hangzhou, General Manager Chen Zhaojun selflessly toyed from source to buy data recovery efficiency equipment DataCompass, enjoying the changes brought about by new technology, he is happy, because efficiency source of technology support, your career is about to usher in a new peak.

data recovery service to switch road

    2005 years ago, Chen Zhaojun was from the army of workers, according to their own conditions, he made a computer sales. Contact with computers for a long time, he found a larger market--data recovery service. In the process of dealing with customers will often hear customers Shun bad hard drive or an external hard drive, and these manufacturers only warranty does not guarantee data security, resulting in loss of haunted many computer users, forced to accept the harsh reality.

     at that time, at the national level, data recovery is a very unfamiliar territory, very few people in this field, people who know the technology less. "This is a gold mine with no excavation"   Chen Zhaojun was aware that the door to God as he opened a business, and he must seize this opportunity.

     next, Chen Zhaojun begin to learn and delve into data recovery knowledge, in this process, he got to know several engineers, enrich their own professional level, attracting investment, opened his first shop data recovery service, named "Xiang data recovery center."

CHEUNG: the data recovery industry in Hangzhou "coordinates"

     "friends Cheung data recovery center" is located in the Science Park of Zhejiang University, which belongs to the emerging technology companies, the company has focused on research in data recovery field, addressing thousands of data recovery challenges, set up for Baiji "clean room".

     "friends Cheung data recovery center" designed and developed data recovery tool applicable to a variety of operating systems, while the introduction of the world's top data recovery hardware facilities, source HDdoctro, datacompass a full set of products including efficiency, greatly enhanced the level of business. The Centre from the PC, laptop, RAID Server data saved on storage media such as ability. Engineers use a variety of data recovery tools, handled over the years tens of thousands of hard drives, particularly in the opening has a wealth of practical experience to salvage data, and the success rate above 95%.

     not only that, by 2009, "Xiang" success resolving server Raid disk-array-Raid0, Raid1, Raid5, fault data loss problems, accumulated a wealth of practical experience in a short time, creating a fault case another Raid, powerful "Raid failure solution"   become friends Cheung pride.

     so far, "Cheung data recovery center" with "superb technology, excellent service, reasonable price" by the users alike, already has hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, including China contracted customers, "Xiang" has become a star of the local data recovery company.

"efficiency source partners"-"Xiang" soaring hope

     development platform, expand need opportunities, 2009 efficiency technology launched the "worldwide data recovery services partner program", "flying" General Manager Chen Zhaojun's eyes light up. He knows that to fly high, it is necessary to climb the higher branches, this vision eventually led to the "Xiang" and "source of efficiency" signing of the partnership agreement.

     "global data recovery service cooperation partners plans" is by efficiency source international data recovery service center launched of global range of professional data recovery service Union, aimed at borrowed efficiency source technology of development technology and brand advantage, in technology level strengthening cooperation partners of business capacity (including general programme provides, technology development shared, not regularly lecture and training, technology support,), through efficiency source technology in data recovery industry of visibility, Partners can also enjoy the convenience of Union scale.

     at present, data recovery MICRO MANAGEMENT SRL, the founder of the Union of Europe, United Kingdom Datatrack- labs, and Sweden data recovery Sweden, and  fields-data-recovery, and Japan Internet &Nbsp;Owners Corporation, and India Stellar and other well-known efficiency of data recovery companies have become active overseas partners

     efficient source utilization technology and brand integration of resources, build a platform for communication between peers, let more partners can be rapid development in the field of data recovery.


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