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China's Internet population reached 404 million mobile Internet users reached 233 million

The number of Internet users in China reached 404 million   mobile phone users reached 233 million

Xinhua Beijing, May 1 (Xinhua   Cui Qingxin) Wang Chen, head of the information Office of the State Council recently said that up to now, the number of Chinese Internet users reached 404 million; Internet penetration reached 28.9%, more than the world's average, using mobile Internet users reached 233 million.

Wang Chen is at the third plenary session of the national people's Congress members on China's Internet development and management seminars made the introduction.

Wang pointed out that Web users in China have dominated from dial-up Internet access, the development of broadband and mobile Internet access. Level of development and the popularization of the Internet in China accounted for. He explained that the websites in China reached 3.23 million using broadband Internet users reached 346 million, using mobile Internet users reached 233 million.

according to the introduction, as of 2009, China's total investment in Internet infrastructure construction of 4.3 trillion yuan, total length of 8.267 million kilometers of fiber optic network lines built. At present, the 99.1% of the towns and villages of 92% through the Internet, access to broadband 95.6% Township. 3G network has been basically covering the whole country. Internet infrastructure improvement contributed greatly to the popularization and application of the Internet.

according to statistics, in the past 16 years, China's information industry average growth exceeding 26.6%, share of GDP increased from less than 1% to about 10%; Internet and convergence in the real economy in China, using the Internet to transform and upgrade traditional industries, led the restructuring of traditional industries and the transformation of economic growth mode, the Internet has become a new strategic industry development of low-carbon economy in China.

Wang said, in 2009 China's e-commerce transactions exceeded 4 trillion yuan. Experts say the Internet has become an engine of economic development, promoting the national economy onto a new level.


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