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China this year will outperform the entire Asian stock markets

Poor's ratings services (S&P Ratings Service) said in a report Wednesday, 2011 run in the stock market will continue to rise in Asia, as investors from emerging markets and moving to other positions in mainland China, Hong Kong and Thailand stock market will lead the Asian market as a whole.

p is expected throughout the region (including Australia) stocks 19% earnings per share growth this year, while earnings per share of emerging markets in Asia will grow 21%.

p said, most recently India, and Malaysia, and the Philippines stock market may experience withdrawals, investors will move to a more mature market.

but p is expected rebound in global demand, rising energy and commodity prices and other factors boosted Asian stock markets will remain generally strong gains.

but p said political turmoil in the Middle East is still not resolved, so if oil prices have a strong impact, the rating agencies also are expected to be affected by the threat.

poor's said, as the global economy continues to recover, consumer activity in the energy, banking and industrial stocks boosted by particularly large.

p also said the lack of action on telecommunications, utilities stocks will, in addition to rally flagging as well as gaming stocks such as consumer staples stocks.

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