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    NGA data recovery center in Zhejiang University Science and Technology Park, by Zhejiang University, PhD, Professor, independent research and development in the field of technology, is a high-tech enterprise, has focused on research in data recovery field, solved thousands of data recovery problem. Technically designed and developed data recovery tool applicable to a variety of operating systems, while the introduction of the world's top data recovery specific hardware, these devices are: United States, and Russia, and India, and France and other countries. Provides data recovery, hard drive data recovery, Hangzhou, Hangzhou, Hangzhou u disk data recovery, RAID data recovery, Hangzhou Hangzhou Hangzhou database, Server data recovery, data recovery, Hangzhou SD card data recovery, data recovery, hard drive data recovery, u disk data recovery, RAID data recovery, Server data recovery, data recovery, SD card data recovery. We also have a special dust-free workshop for data recovery. We have partners all over the country, companies, businesses all over the country, in China's top 500 are our customers. Exquisite technology, excellent service, reasonable price to all customers alike.

our services ranging from PC to laptop to Server data saving capability. From software to hardware, we are skilled engineers. At the opening of our engineers to salvage data has a wealth of experience, handled over the years by thousands of your hard disk, open repair data recovery success rate is above 95%. Our engineers Raid disk array on the server-Raid0, Raid1, Raid5 fault also has a wealth of practical experience, creating a Raid failure time and time again a classic case is resolved, Raid failure solution has always been our pride in technology.

in the data recovery industry, NGA data recovery center, powerful technical strength is the most powerful data recovery guarantee. No matter what kind of problem you have, no matter what kind of storage medium, other companies can not solve the problem we can solve, NGA data recovery center in the treatment saved spirit, enthusiastic customer service for you, dutifully retrieve customer data lost.

integrity is our commitment to our clients, quality is our life.

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